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柊秀雪 - Rondo
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Title: Rondo

Arrange: 柊秀雪

Album: ピアノのための東方小品集 Op.3

Circle: As/Hi Soundworks

Original: Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator

FS-XXVII - 初音ミク 「裏表ラバーズ」 (Hatsune Miku - Two-Faced Lovers) 【Piano】
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Sorry for mistakes! Fast, fast songs like this are a bit difficult to play.



Clients From Hell is my new favorite website omg.


Parenting done right. 

Perspective on a short comment two and a half years ago

Two and a half years ago I was just coming out of high school with rather low self esteem and the beginning of my relationship with my girlfriend ( now of two and a half years).
That is the context to this post I made:
I’m so much less than what she thinks I am.”

Two and a half years of having a loving and supportive long term girlfriend and going through university has dramatically improved  my skills, understanding and self esteem.

If I could go back and give a one sentence reply to that statement it would probably be.
"Yes, but your potential goes even beyond who she thinks you are"
I’d say that because two and a half years is a lot of time (early on) for two people in a relationship to become better people and it’s something to keep in mind.



I’m almost embarrassed that this valuable message is being spread by photoshopped cats in top hats, via comic sans, but somebody had to do it, somehow. So kudos. The message we deserve, in the format we require.

Now THIS is a very important message. Stay out of echo chambers, kids. And you should know when you are in one.


Beardfish - Mammoth - Without Saying Anything

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Piano Improvisation.

Philip Arnold

An elf and a dwarf.